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Compared to the almost unchanged image over the past few years, rolex watches at this year’s Basel showed colorful performance. For its Cosmograph Daytona as an example, the rolex watch official web this year launched 18 K white chain strap watch Ref.116509, the central timing second hand, timing side plate pointer and inner watch bezel were presented by the bright red color, although the movement was still using Cal. 4130 automatic winding timing movement that was launched in the year of 2000, the emergence of special color, particularly the bright red, made it outstanding among all the Rolex Daytona which were stainless steel, K gold material with the black or white dial surface, and it unavoidably caught extra attention from the Rolex fan. In the minds of most watch fans, the supreme value Rolex official website watch lies in the accurate hittablity, and the watch design does not need too much, doesn’t have to be changed, but it can effectively control the quality, quantity, and have their own characteristics.

The Turn-O-Graph of the Oyster Perpetual Datejust series on the Rolex watch official website launched the branded new 116262, 116263 and 116264 models, though they were using the Rolex basis Cal.3135 automatic winding movement, the branded new Turn-O-Graph watch case, watch strap and watch dial were dealt with big update and improvement, especially equipping with the bold and shinning red central big second pointer and the date numbers, thus capturing the heart of so many watch fans. The shinning sporty watches on the Rolex official website including the Explorer, Submariner and GMT Master, the Turn-O-Graph always appeared ordinary but silent. It is not hard to find that Turn-O-Graph is the monumental works of the Rolex that entered into the so-called Utility Watch or Professional Watch field, in rolex history has symbolic significance such as the hub.

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