Patek Philippe Brand-New Multi-Scale Chronograph

Patek Philippe has eight movements that could be applied on chronograph watches. They not only has update on layout and design, also those watches are brilliant in its functions. Never had a watch that could reveal the purposes of chronograph so deeply existed. If such function combines with proper scales, then a chronograph will a Calculator on the Wrist that could do the math.

As the name speaks for itself, the Patek Philippe Multi-scale Chronograph has three scales to calculate speed, distance and heart rate. It is not until late 1960s when the watch with tachymeter, range finder and pulsometer become popular and is applied widely professional field. Patek Philippe’s launching Multi-scale limited editions is a tribute to its history and to the chronograph history.

Time is decisive. Speed, is the distance that an object travels. We could also calculate distance according to the speed of sound. Human’s heart rate is expressed with the times of heart beat in one minute. A chronograph can directly display such result as long as we have appropriate scales before we get the reading and then calculate. Such a secret is logarithm. We are not going to go over what we learn in math classes, but still there is a little hint. Logarithm can turn the multiplication and division into addition and subtraction to simplify the calculation. Indian mathematicians founded logarithm and then in the 17th century, Jost Burgi, a Swiss watch maker, found a new math system, in 1622, he mapped out the first logarithm formula chart. Before the calculator was invented, this chart is widely used by people. After the watch was accurate to second, watch designers invented the dial that, according to the time interval, could calculate speed, distance and heartbeat. Then all they need a special unit for combining three different units.

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