Rolex Cellini Dual Time – Accompanying You Traveling Around the World

The dual time is more simple and convenient than the GMT time, it is enough for you to know about the time of the place you are at and the time of your hometown. What things you need to do at what time, the dual time will give you the best answer, this is the watch deduction of the proposition of philosophy.

The classic Rolex Dual Time wrist watch – Cellini Dual Time accompanying you traveling around the world.

When the sun is rising from this side, the day of that side is just finishing. When the night is coming, the sun above the horizon line is disappearing, and under the surface vision window of the Cellini Dual Time, the sun is just slowly emerging.

Rolex Cellini Dual Time is launched by the Rolex replica watch can display the time of two time zones at the same time, and it is equipped with the elegant sun and moon day/night indicator in the subdial vision window on the second time zone.

The Rolex Cellini Dual Time watch can let the wearer control the time of different time zones. You just need to take a glance, then you can read the time of two place at the same time. In addition to distinguish the time of the day and night, he subdial vision window will appear the sun and moon mark at the nine o’clock position. And the hour hand can continuously beating as independent adjustment to display the time of the place you are at and won’t affect the normal running of the watch or the automatic winding movement’s timing accuracy. This is the charm and the practical function of the Rolex Cellini watch, you will find your travel much more enjoyable when traveling with the Rolex wrist watch.

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