Adult costume parties are becoming more popular every single year. Why is that? It’s because costume designers have become so good at coming up with sexy, fun, and interesting costumes for adult party goers to wear at adult gatherings that people don’t even remember the original concept anymore! Here are some of my favorite adult party costumes to shake things up a bit and have fun at your next costume party!

Skeleton Halloween Costumes Is incredibly popular, and the great thing about skeleton costumes is that they’re universal. Some adults aren’t into “fat guy” type costumes so a skeleton mask is perfect for them. The classic black and white color scheme of the skeleton makes it stand out perfectly against any background. It’s also very easy to put on with the long length pants paired with a shirt or jacket that has a sweater over it. Adults absolutely love skeleton pajamas so bring some of those to your next adult costume party!

Those who are more adventurous love dressing up as a skeleton themselves. The classic image of a skeleton is terrifying, but what adults like about skeleton costumes is that they come in all different types. There are the rock star skeleton that looks exactly like they’re going to take the stage tomorrow at some rave at the clubs, or maybe you want to be the cute and cuddly baby skeleton that is just waiting to come out of the bag. Either way, you’re sure to be a hit at your next adult costume party!

Adults are also fans of the classic skeleton and pumpkins costumes. These two characters scream “Halloween” for sure! Not only are they scary but they’re also cute and funny. Pair a skeleton costume with a red or pink jacket and some red or pink feathers, or even go with a short skirt and some tights. Oh, and don’t forget your little red shoes!

For something a bit weirder, try dressing up as a skeleton and a zombie. These adult party themes are perfect for adults who really aren’t into vampire or werewolf costumes but still want to scare the little ones at the party. Look for some old clothes in dark colors, maybe a skeleton shirt with missing teeth, and some big black boots. Zombie socks and a big purple bow tie are other great ideas to add to your zombie look. Keep in mind that the zombie and skeleton costumes can be very adaptable to other people’s ideas and can be dressed up in a variety of ways, making your adult costume the perfect one-person show.

Of course, one of the best ones for adults is the sexy angel and devil costumes! These costumes are super hot and are usually made from beautiful fabrics that will make you look like you’re going to be an angel anytime you step out in public. Some angel costume ideas include a long skirt, long gloves, and even an angel winged brooch. Devil costume ideas include a devil horned hat, spiked collar, and belt. No matter which angel and devil costume you choose to wear this Halloween, the one thing you’ll get is the look of absolute delight from everyone when you enter the room!

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